The Recipe for Active Membership

  1. Become a MEMBER! (join anytime or during Slow Food USA’s Give What You Can)
  2. Promote Slow Food Springfield’s events on social media
  3. Buy local from Snail of Approval awardees, ask about their Slow Food Connection, and mention Snail of Approval in online reviews
  4. Attend SFS and SFUSA events (virtual for now)
  5. Support Snail of Approval events and specials
  6. Attend SFS’s annual meeting

There are many ways to donate.

  1. Sponsor or co-host an event
  2. Donate seeds, seedlings, soil, wood for planters, or gardening tools and we’ll get them to a local community garden project
  3. Contribute to a specific Good, Clean Fair Initiative

Are you ready to get involved? We hope the answer is YES!

Our education, biodiversity, and community initiatives are powered by caring, thoughtful volunteers. If you’re interested in joining us as a volunteer, we’d love to have you help our initiatives grow!

Ready to volunteer? Let us hear from you. Email us!

If you’re passionate about good, clean, fair food and you’re ready to make a commitment to help guide Slow Food Springfield, then consider joining our working board. We meet monthly to plan and work collaboratively.

Ready to join our dynamic, working board? Email us!