What’s the history of Slow Food?

In 1986, McDonald’s wanted to open a franchise at the base of the Spanish Steps and Italians were not pleased, so they gathered for a protest. Instead of just waving signs and chanting, they brought a big bowl of penne pasta and handed it out to the crowd that gathered. People shared a meal at the Spanish Steps and began chanting “we don’t want fast food, we want Slow Food.” That gathering was the foundation for the birth of the Slow Food movement.

Slow Food was officially founded in Italy in 1989. Its stated mission was to counter the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat and where it comes from.

Today, there are 100,000 Slow Food members, working for good, clean and fair food in 150 countries, from Kazakhstan to Mexico. Slow Food USA was founded in 2000, and now has over 200,000 supporters, 200 chapters and 12,000 members nationwide!

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