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Slow Food USA is currently providing free educational resources to address the impact of Covid-19 on the Slow Food community; including articles, action items, and Slow Food Live online sessions on everything from making sauces from your pantry staples  to urban gardening.
If you have elementary age children at home, you may want to use Slow Food International’s free Taste Education Kit.
Are you interested in planting regionally unique seeds in your garden? Slow Food USA is offering their Plant-a-Seed kit at a discount.
Slow Food Springfield has officially paused our face-to-face initiatives for the moment. We’re reworking our 2020 community-based events and we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, we want to hear from you.
Would you like to learn more about Slow Food Springfield?
Are you interested in a local, virtual skill-share event around slow food?
What do you see are the current needs in and around Springfield? Reach out to us via Facebook or Twitter.